About Me

My name’s Pallavi Rawat, Pronouns: She/her, They/them.

Me trying to navigate the pandemic

My passion for making and breaking stuff motivated me to build my career in programming. Thanks to git the breaking stuff part is manageable in my case. So I can confidently say no creatures have been harmed ever during this process. When it comes to tech stack, I am like jack of all trades, but master of none (Not yet)! Kotlin is something which is looking like a good candidate for this mastery right now. So I am working on that.

I am easily enthralled with tech which makes human life easier and if I could I would automate every single thing (and make all humans sleep in a pod forever). Yes I am one of those devs who can spend 3 hours for writing a piece of code which automates a task which takes like hardly 5-10 minutes per person when done manually.

All hail Developer productivity 🙌 .

Born and raised in an army background, I love being in a new place now even though I hate the travel part. No doubt it has also played a major role in helping me adjust easily to unfamiliar and new surroundings.

Things that interest me

  • Programming, New Tech, Animations, Anime 💻
  • Inclusivity, diversity, equality, multi-cultured environment 🌏
  • Novels which have pictures/Illustrations 📚
  • Baby animals 🐣
  • History of stuff be it tech/non-tech 📽️

Also very passionate about women in tech and currently a part of Network Of Women, Pune. We recently went remote like every other thing these days of covid pandemic, so don’t feel shy if you’ld like to connect for more info either as a speaker or otherwise.

Currently, during day time I build cool stuff (with minimum destruction possible) as a tech consultant and App Dev at @Thoughtworks.

Apart from programming I like to sketch, biking, brushing up on my german basics 🇩🇪 , reading novels, play table/lawn tennis and last but not the least trying to figure out the procreate world and create interesting content.

If you’ld like to connect or have a quick chat or point out errors you find somewhere, don’t shy away in dropping out an email at me@rawatpallavi.com. I always love feedback which help me be more awesome.